Zyppah The Dual Solution Mouthpiece

Zyppah ReviewZyppah is the most revolutionary anti-snoring oral appliance you will ever find and let me tell you why. In case you did not know, snoring is caused when your airway is obstructed while you are sleeping and there are two main reasons behind this obstruction: One can be your tongue falling back preventing the right entrance of air, and the other reason can be soft tissues collapsing and overlapping also obstructing the entrance of air and oxygen. This obviously results in annoying snoring sounds, but there are also harmful consequences related to sleep deprivation. Whatever the cause of your snoring is, Zyppah will surely help you, as it offers a dual solution to a single problem. It is not a simple eye catching anti-snoring mouthpiece, it also works as a tongue stabilizer device holding your tongue in its place offering you a full night’s sleep.

It comes in different sizes and colors for men and women. It may look uncomfortable because of the elastic band that is supposed to hold your tongue, but do not worry, this band is really thin and soft and there is no single user reporting gag reflexes, so it is actually very comfortable to wear. The whole mouthpiece is made of a soft material, without crevices which make the cleaning much easier. You can clean it with the product they sell or just with toothpaste. It can be custom fitted and Zyppah is BPA free and FDA Cleared. It has an airflow hole in the front so mouth breathers can use it and it comes with detailed instructions and a protective case. Find great deals at the company’s website: More info here.

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